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While revisioning my business as a writer and language coach in the world of social media, Shannon Hall of Anam Cara took me on a journey. It wouldn’t have occurred to me to apply Reiki work specifically to my business but with Shannon at the helm,it was one of the best things I could have done for myself.


Every visit to Anam Cara was a quiet joy; Shannon’s greeting was calm and genuine and I was immediately glad to be there.  The setting is lovely, serene, and inviting.  I placed myself in Shannon’s hands, with full trust.  Everything in the environment, and everything about Shannonherself, encouraged me to let go and let this be something very good.


Shannon brings wise woman experience and knowledge to her practice .  She provides a gentle welcome, intuitive bodywork, humour, and most importantly, the experience of working in deep partnership.  It was a joy to surrender to her healing touch.  


Together we discovered where things live in my body and what my body and spirit are asking for. Seamlessly, we mapped my deepest needs and strengths and wove them into a plan for my business.  By the time I had finished four sessions, I understood the true foundation for my business, had validated in myself the joy of writing and helping others, and was on my way to integrating it with the rest of my world.  


Thank you Shannon, for the discovery of how intuitive touch through Reiki can inform both my writing and my broader world.  


Marie Langley 

Read My Lips Social Media


Shannon is so professional. Her abilities and attention to detail are amazing. She makes you feel so special. It is obvious her attention is on the client. But best of all -- my face! Oh my goodness, my skin is just glowing! It looks and feels amazing. I am going to treat my daughters to one of Shannons facials when they are in town.


Barbara Smith

Author, Ghost Stories of BC


Shannon and I had three sessions of Reiki together focussing specifically on grounding the connection between mind, body and spirit. I had recently started a new job and was finding that my emotions and stress levels were quite unpredictable. Shannon’s work in Reiki proved to make a significant impact on my ability to keep grounded in challenging situations and react positively to potential triggers of stress. Shannon was a pleasure to work with, always making my feel at ease and comfortable in her home. Overall, I found my Reiki sessions to be hugely beneficial and look forward to continuing my journey with Shannon. I am forever grateful for the advice and support that Shannon was able to provide throughout this process.


Nichelle Soetaert


Even as a seasoned entrepreneur, I can often feel exhausted and overwhelmed with my businesses.  And though I do my best for "self-care" I notice that I can slip into worry, self-doubt and mental murkiness when I working too hard. 


I sought out Shannon's Reiki Treatments for Business as a tool to lift me out of my fog and energize my mental clarity.  At the beginning of each session we chose an intention for my business to focus on.  At the time I had SO MANY things on my to-do list but I couldn't seem to pick the best item to start on.  I'm such a  huge proponenet for my clients to "work smarter, not harder" but as it goes for many entrepreneurs, I was having quite a time seeing my own path?  During my reiki series, most of my intentions were about CLARITY in my business, but sometimes it felt right to let the intention come to me during the treatment...and what a TREAT that was?  Reiki was allowing me to be clear in that moment to know exactly what I needed to do in the big picture.


The results of these Reiki Treatments for Business were quite remarkable!  While I was having the treatments I was deeply relaxed, but it was the effects of the treatments afterwards that were the most valuable to me.  Each week after my Reiki sessions I simply had amazing FLOW in my business.  I would look at my to-do list andknow instinctively what I should work on.  Ideas and processes came with EASE and I was much more EFFICIENT with my time and energy.  As any entrepreneur will tell you...flow, ease and efficiency in your work is essential to a successful and personally fulling business.


I would highly recommend Reiki Treatments for Business by Shannon.  What I know for sure is that your business will bring up every personal issue you have.  Shannon has given me another tool to use in which I can tap into spirit and blend it into my business for a truly powerful combination.


Kirsten Foss

Owner of Re:Freshed Businesess, Small Business Coach for the Salon, Spa and Welllness Industry


Compared to before I started Reiki, I am almost never triggered or I am able to recognize what triggers me.  I am adequately prepared with the tools I may need to support myself if I am triggered.  I feel very harmonious within my sense of self...another really big shift since I have started with Reiki.  I feel very at peace, content and excited about who I am and what I have to offer the world.  


This has been an amazing experience for which I am truly grateful for.  I feel blessed to have shared this experience with you.







You are Caring, Experienced and Hard-Working.


Shannon, coming to you has really changed a lot of things for me! First of all, you've taught me a lot about maintaining myself and it has been really great! I feel good about myself thanks to your services, but it's even more the chats we have when I come in because you have helped me through different situations and you are so good at letting me vent to you! It's like therapy and relaxation at once!



Holly E.Q.


Shannon has been my esthetician for for twenty years! Even after moving away, I still return to Sidney to have Shannon do my waxing and other esthetics. My skin is very sensitive but she knows exactly what products to use and how to handle my skin so that I don't break out. She's knowledgeable, gentle and has the most wonderful, infectious spirit. Seeing Shannon is a bright spot in my day and she does a simply amazing job. I wouldn't choose to see anyone else!

I mean every word! You're such a joy in my life, Shannon! I can't wait until I move back to Victoria so I can see you more often.  :)





1. You are thorough, caring, gentle.


2. I appreciated the advice you gave on an excellent cover make-up and where to purchase it.


3. I'm so happy to have you back working at something you love doing.


Shannon, I found you to be welcoming and respectful of me as a client and person. I appreciated your skill, gentleness, and gracious inclusion of massage as part of my treatment. I felt you were generous with your knowledge and energy.


As a result, I felt I had a time of total relaxation and a feeling of being cared for. It was a lovely experience and reminded me of the importance of including this kind of care into my efforts to be healthy.


Thank you! 




1. As an esthetician, you are flexible, friendly and knowledgeable. 


2. You have done waxing (legs and eyebrows) that have helped me with my sensitive skin. I now don't have to shave as often, which is nice for my skin. It doesn't cause ingrown hairs or dry skin, which is great!  Also the pedicures are great for the summer months,  I can show off my nice nails!


3. Great, friendly, awesome service! I enjoy coming to your home for pedicures and waxing. Thanks for the great spa time :) 


Shawna Cheyne


1. As a Massage Therapist Shannon is beautiful, caring and sensitive.


2. Her massages are relaxing and rejuvenating.


3. A session with Shannon infuses your day with joy and peace, and it lingers like an afterglow for the rest of the week.



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