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with Reiki

The Dermalogica facial treatment is customized to fit all skin types and concerns, whether you have aging skin, sensitivity or oily/acneic skin.

The facial begins by cleansing the face with a Dermalogica makeup remover to remove dirt and impurities from the surface of the skin. The skin is then toned using Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner to prep the skin for the next step. To remove dead skin cells, we will apply a customized exfoliation based on skin type.

  • Extractions: removal of blackheads and blockages

  • Massage and Masque: a Dermalogica massage cream is applied to the face,  massaging lightly to penetrate the product deep in the skin. A customized intensive mask is then applied to the skin for 10 minutes to hydrate and protect the skin. During the mask, you will experience a relaxing Reiki treatment!

  • Moisturize: This final step helps to protect and smooth the skin by firstly toning the face, then applying a Dermalogica serum and moisturizer.


  • The skin appears smoother, softer and more radiant

  • Extractions will unplug pores while finishing products will help to eliminate shine, leaving your skin cool, refreshed and beautiful

  • Skin feels clean and more supple.

To ensure the best results, each session begins with a thorough skin analysis.

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